Every argument you’ll have with your boyfriend or girlfriend

No, you decide where we eat

Relationships are all about love and respect for each other, they keep the world going round. While this is something we all hope for at some point in life, if you are in a relationship, then you are going to fight. It’s just fact. So much so that you can pretty much make a list of every argument you’re likely to have with your loved one.

Here’s the DL on all of them.

Deciding where to spend the night

“But we slept at yours last night!” “I’m too tired and it’s so far away”. This argument could send you going around in circles, especially when we all know you just want to stay at yours. But you persevere and make it out, trekking across London at peak time, questioning why you ever let them win this round.

Who pays?

This is the argument that leaves you doing that weird shout/whisper in the middle of restaurant, as you both insist on paying. Wide eyed and enraged, the poor waitress is stood there confused not sure who’s card to take while you have a domestic in front of her. As a girl, it’s important to be independent and make sure money is spent equally. So, shut up and just let me do something nice for once.

Stealing the duvet

In every relationship, there’s bound to be a time when one of you is left stranded in the cold, while the other is the epitome of warmth. But when the attempt is made to steal it back, a battle of the strongest is declared. With arms flying everywhere and gritted teeth, this rarely ever ends with a peaceful nights sleep.

Being jealous and jumping to conclusions

This can apply to any member of the relationship, and it usually does. We all get jealous at some point and it’s impossible to deny. However, it’s pretty embarrassing when you make a fuss about that girl he’s made friends with on Facebook, to later find out it’s a middle-aged co-worker, married with kids. Oops.

Watching an episode of your favourite show without you

The ultimate betrayal. The broken promise that you know you’d probably do too if you had the chance. However, that doesn’t stop you from guilt tripping them, and threatening to break up over it for the rest of the night.

Taking and posting hideous pictures of you

As a couple, you’re bound to take cute selfies together, even those embarrassing ones that are meant for your eyes only. However, there’s usually one person who doesn’t seem to get this. You make a stupid face while they take a shot, or they do it secretly while you sleep. Either way, if that picture is found anywhere online, someone is going pay.

Where shall we eat?

I think about 90 per cent of all arguments stem from this question. Should we stay in or go out? If we stay in, should we cook or order in? If we go out, where should we go? The discussion is endless. Whether you secretly have your own preference, or you just want to please the other, it’s a risky game, because when food is the topic of conversation, someone’s going to get hurt.