We asked you what’s the worst Christmas present you’ve ever received

One person was given ‘The Communist Manifesto’

Christmas is creeping up on us and is undoubtedly built up as the happiest time of the year. With decorations, overloading amounts of food and most importantly bundles of presents, it’s no surprise as to why it got this title.

However, for some, the festive cheer has been destroyed due to disappointing gifts from the people they call ‘loved ones’.

To find those who’s experienced such tragedy, we asked KCL students what their worst Christmas presents were.

Ashley and Eefa, second year, LLB

Ashley: A finger massager from a random market.

Eefa: My aunt stole my old clothes, packed them in a gift box and gifted it back to me.

Imani, first year, MA Early Modern Literature

A relative gave me a dress that was given to her by a common friend of ours.

Bradley, first year, Computer Science

An animal I’m allergic to.

Harriet, Politics

Shower gel, because it implies that I smell.

Matthew, Liberal Arts

A pink scarf.

Colette and Rachel, second year, History

Colette: I asked for a surprise and my parents got me an Agatha Christie book. I was only 14.

Rachel: A head scratcher from my sister that cost three pounds. I spent £20 on her.

Alf, second year, History

A friend bought me the Communist Manifesto. I threw it out.