Asking King’s boys: When was the last time you cried bro?

Don’t shed a tear

To support Men’s Mental Health awareness, we asked you when the last time it was that you cried or what you have recently cried about. When walking around both Strand and Guys campus however, it was evident that many guys did not want to admit to crying as they saw it as an act of shame or weakness, or a ‘more feminine attribute’.

If you asked a girl, she may suggest how she burst into tears the other night whilst watching the John Lewis advert, and then cried this morning because she couldn’t get her printer to work, only to realise it was connected to the wrong one and had sent 5 copies to her neighbours printer.

Though the stigma around mental health in general is beginning to fade, it is clear that there is still a huge stain upon men’s mental health. In 2014, male suicide accounted for some 76 per cent of all suicides.

Theodoros Marioglov, Third Year, Biochem

James Everson, First Year, Medicine

Emanuel Ofuru, Third Year, Biomedical Science

Dom Rawson, First Year, Comparative Literature

Alexander Buhaenko, First year, Pharmacology

Lucas Kantaris Diaz, First Year, History