Everything you’ll know if you grew up in North Wales

That is, the most Welsh part of Wales

North Wales is Britain’s hidden gem: it boasts beautiful beaches, aesthetically pleasing landscapes and is home to Snowdon, the highest mountain in the country. It may not have much else to offer, but it’s beautiful.

Here’s what it’s like to live there.

You’ve complained about Arriva Trains Wales, several times

I mean, who hasn’t? The tedious journey from north to south is unbelievably shocking. Just imagine being stuck on a grungy old trains for four hours, stopping every five minutes, seeing nothing but trees and sheep. Oh, and more trees.

People assume that you’re a die-hard Welsh rugby fan

Personally, it depends whether George North will be playing or not…

Visitors will question whether we speak Welsh or not?

I mean, do I even need to clarify why this is a ridiculously stupid question to pose to a Welsh person, in Wales?


Welsh cakes are simply the best

They’re even better warm.

You were forced to take part in the Eisteddfod

Basically, you’re screwed if you can’t sing, dance, or recite.

Nobody can pronounce your name properly

That is, when anyone outside of Wales attempts to pronounce your name. From ‘Rihanna’ to ‘Reanne’ to the most recent ‘Ruhanno’, I’ve been called all sorts. It just makes new encounters that little bit more challenging. But at least it provides an ice-breaker.

Even my flat-mate calls me ‘Khiannon’.

Liverpool practically substitutes Cardiff as our capital city

I swear Welsh people flock to Liverpool as though it’s our own city. It’s definitely the unofficial capital of North Wales, fact.

You don’t appreciate the cleanliness of Welsh water until you leave

Have you even tasted London’s water? It’s what I call pollution in a glass.

Possessing a Welsh name will prolong your visit to Starbucks

All you want is a coffee and maybe a cheeky cake, not a five-minute discussion about your name and how to spell it on a paper cup. I must admit, it’s rather entertaining to watch the poor barista struggle to read out my name at the pick-up point. Although, making me sound like an edgy music artist wasn’t so funny:

‘R.H.I’ – Thanks for that, Agnolo. Your name isn’t much better than mine but at least you have a name tag!

Everyone has the same surname

Ever been a Jones, Williams, Davies, Jenkins, or Morgan? If so, you’ve probably got a bit of Welsh in you.

Being asked to say ‘Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch’

Yes, this is an actual place on the island of Anglesey. I dare you to try and say it.

If you’re posh (or at least think you are), you spend your summer days in Abersoch

If you own a Range Rover and a posh, pampered pooch, this is the ultimate destination for you. Don’t forget those Hunter Wellies and that Barbour coat though.

You’re eager to pass your driving test, ASAP

Let’s face it, public transport really isn’t an option. It’s unreliable, unappealing, and tediously slow.

It rains all the time

It literally does rain all the time, so don’t leave the house without an umbrella. Mind you, your umbrella will probably break in that gale force wind so you’re better off with a good old parka.

You’re constantly held up by a tractor whilst driving

Believe you me, it really isn’t that easy to over-take unless you’re on the A55. Especially if you’re driving on the back roads of the Llyn Peninsula. We call them roads but you may as well call them lanes. Need I say more?

People will definitely refer to Gareth Bale when you tell them where you’re from

It’s safe to say that he’s put Wales on the map. Wouldn’t say I’m a fan of that ‘man-bun’ of his either.

You always ask if someone wants ‘a panad’

This is the Welsh version of the Yorkshire ‘brew’, only better.

It’s safe to say that there’s no place like North Wales, but just to clarify, we do not shag sheep!