King’s campus street style: Winter edition

Nailing it

The weather right now in London is bitter and all round bitchy. How are we meant to know how to dress? We went round Guy’s and Strand campus to find what KCL students find comforting to wear in this period of uncertainty and downright rude temperature in the month of November.

Hannah Barham, Physio, second year

India Walford, Neuroscience, third year

Circe la Mache, Neuroscience

Miguel Castro Andre, Classics and Comp Lit, first year

Catrin Preston, European Studies French Pathway, first year

Alisdair Grice, BioMed, first year

Sunnii Peifer-Stafford, Comp Lit, first year

Leon Ritter, International Relations, first year

Esme Jones, Comp Lit, first year

Seyi Bamgbaiye, English Lit, first year

Patrick Bone, English, third year

Gabriel Mary Leavey, English Lit, first year

The conclusion is really big scarves, denim jackets with the fur and long coats are in season at KCL to keep us from freezing this approaching winter. Stay warm, make sure you abuse all the Prets for hot chocolate, and go to the ice skating rinks.