Here’s why you shouldn’t lose all faith with President Trump

Remember how Obama opposed gay marriage when he was elected?

So it’s official. The world now takes a knee to Donald Trump, the new President of the United States and the leader of the free world. Many people are shocked – and rightly so; he has said some more than abrasive, sexist, anti-establishment things that you just don’t expect of someone aiming so high. But it’s not all that bad – and here are a few reasons why.

In what was one of the dirtiest and stressful election cycles in history, no candidate was safe. Hillary Clinton is one of the most corrupt politicians in U.S. history too – it’s not surprising when you consider she didn’t want anyone to know of her promises to Wall Street should she have become President.

The U.S. has an unqualified President – but this is hardly worse than a criminal, money grabbing liar. Trump will honestly try to do all the things he promised, even though he potentially doesn’t quite yet understand how he would do them. Let’s also not forget that a lot of laws and policies need approval of the Senate and Congress, which can always be swayed by voters expressing their concerns. This means that no, Muslims will probably not have to be identified like the Jews; Mexicans won’t all be deported, and nobody will be forced to have a personal machine gun on their person.

A lot of the crazy things he has said just won’t happen – not because he’s too weak to go through with it, but because it will never be approved. Let’s not forget how hard Obama has tried to reduce gun violence in his country, only to be shot down by voters and policymakers.

Trump, like any politician before him, will change his mind on certain policies. When Barack Obama was elected, he opposed many LGBT rights policies, only to later change his mind due to increasing public acceptance. As a scientist, my biggest concern with Trump is his denial of Climate Change. The science and evidence are clear, and having the leader of one of the largest polluters in the world deny it is very frightening. However, with public outrage, he will change his mind on many issues, from climate to abortion rights. Trump will have to act in the interest of the public regardless of whether he agrees or not – it’s just how U.S. politics work.

Trump actually knows how to run a business. Regardless of what you think of Trump’s ability of managing a multi-billion dollar business, he has managed to do it. Have you heard his name before the election cycle began? More than likely, yes. He has managed to become famous for a reason, and that reason is he has money. Often not as much money as he claims, but still more than you, I or most people you know will ever earn. Obama can make a speech, he can rally support, but when it comes to running the U.S., which by the way is just a big business (hooray capitalism!), he was mostly clueless. Without the plethora of economic advisers by his side, The United States would have only gone downhill in his eight years in office. Trump will likely underachieve on his promises of doubling growth, reducing debt and cutting taxes, but he won’t trash it like many seem to think.

Lord Commander Trump also doesn’t want War. At least not with Russia, China or any other major power, that would result in global annihilation and ruin many humans’ day. True, he wants to “Bomb the shit” out of ISIS, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t. Similar to my point above, he will likely not get the approval for a full scale invasion of any oil-rich country.  True, Putin is a horrible dictator, but that doesn’t mean that we should just wipe out all life on Earth using nuclear weapons. Better US-Russia ties will be beneficial for everyone (apart from CIS states who don’t like Putin). Improving scientific, environmental and economic ties between the two giants could actually spur the world into a coherent technological advance.

Trump isn’t a great choice. He’s not even a good choice. Not even a poor one. He is a horrible choice for President of the most powerful nation in the world. Is he much worse than Hillary? Debatable. We now have to hope and beg the public to change his opinions on things that matter. In the mean time, don’t freak out. After all, the U.S. likely did it after you people voted for Brexit, so they just had to one-up you by playing their Trump card. 2016 has been an incredibly interesting year that will go down in history for many reasons. Let’s make these reasons better than how they are looking now.

Disclaimer: I am not a supporter of Donald Trump. I am not a U.S. citizen, and I strongly oppose both candidates.