We asked for your reaction to Donald Trump being elected

WARNING: No positivity here

When we walked around campus today, we were greeted by heated conversations, disappointment and just shock. None of us could have predicted (like the polls) that the election would turn out the way it did, and quite frankly, it’s a mistake.

With the 45th President being announced as Donald J. Trump, 9th November 2016 will be a day in the history textbooks as one we wish to forget. Here’s how KCL students around all campuses reacted.

WARNING: No positivity here.

Ella Ioannides, Comp Lit, first year

Artemis Adamantapoulou, Comp Lit, first year

Veronica Victa, Liberal Arts, first year

Juliette Blondeau, Liberal Arts, first year

Hugo Girard, Law, Post-grad

Dave Foster, History, third year

Daniel Hardman, Philosophy and French, first year

Iman, Philosophy, first year

Jason, Public Policy and MGT, MSC post-grad

Rey Suckoo, Biochemistry, third year

Theodoros, Biochemistry, third year

Natalia, MBBS, second year

Nadine Wright, MBBS, second year

Mala, Medicine, MBBS

Jess Scott, Medicine, first year

Samar AlShamaa, Medicine, first year