Here are some great tips on saving money when travelling around London

For when you don’t fly in on a private jet every morning

Many of us are faced with the same problem: we need to get from A to B on a daily basis, and sometimes more than once. Here are some great tips for when you just want to save some cash for the Friday night sesh with your mates.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way – get a student Oyster card.

30 per cent is a pretty dapper discount when taking the tube, train or bus every day. Couple that with the great deals on Travelcards, and you save some serious cash if you have to take an Oyster-based transport. It also adds up as the months and years go on – you start to forget that you’re even paying for transport anymore. It’s easy to get as well, just apply online and provide your university ID number, and receive it by mail within a week.

Boris Bike

While sacrificing your fly look, you will actually save a lot more by taking a Santander bike than even a student Oyster. £2 for 24 hours is a great deal, especially if you work out a system of using it at least three times in that period to get to and from uni. It’s also a great excuse to burn off all those late night snacks that you’re guilty of eating.

Uber Pool

Saving as much as 30 per cent on your ride, Uber Pool is a great way to travel after a night out. The same convenience and service, but cheaper and with a potential to meet some great people who are in the same boat as you (literally and figuratively). As an added bonus, if you’re not going very far, odds are that you will be dropped off first while riding cheaper than usual – win-win!

Get your own road bike

Although you’ll be spending some cash on the purchase, bicycles are a great alternative to public transport in many ways including economically. Whether you’re an avid member of Greenpeace, or whether you just want to go down a clothing size, having your own bike is much like taking a Boris bike, except you won’t look like BoJo when riding one.


Buy a nice pair of trainers, and start running. The first week will likely be terrible – cramps, shortness of breath and fatigue will be a nightmare. But if you give it some time and be consistent, it will pay off. The “Runner’s High” is one of the best feelings in the world, and you will be a lot more focused and motivated after your run. Running is also great after study; the release of endorphin will help your brain consolidate new information and give it some extra horsepower to mull over things you may have thought you didn’t understand. After a couple of weeks, you’ll be able to run five to 10 miles without feeling tired at all – a great way to save money on a commute.