King’s the fourth best university in the UK for Law

Apart from that, we haven’t done great


King’s College London is the fourth best university in the UK to study Law, according to new university rankings published today by The Guardian.

Our university beat the likes of UCL and Durham and scored an impressive 84.6 out of 100 for that course.

More generally, the league tables didn’t make fantastic reading for King’s students. Our position on them has again been affected by  the inclusion of student satisfaction.

We scored only 63.7 out of 100 for “satisfied with feedback”.

This low score means we have fallen from the lofty heights of 36th place to 42nd, losing out to the likes of Bristol (38), Birmingham (13) and of course the holy trinity of Oxford (two), Cambridge (one) and… St. Andrews (three).

We were also bested by many of our fellow London unis; UCL, LSE, Imperial and even SOAS placed higher than we did, at 14, 12, seven and 30, respectively.

The table was based on eight criteria. These included course satisfaction, satisfaction with teaching, satisfaction with feedback, student-to-staff ratio, money spent per student, average entry tariff and career after six months. Our poor placement in the former three (if you invert the table order to lowest-to-highest, ‘King’s College London’ springs to the top of the page) seems to suggest the average King’s student is not very satisfied at all.

King’s scored particularly highly for the following subjects:

Anatomy & Physiology – eighth

Classics & Ancient History – 10th

Dentistry – eighth

Economics – sixth

History – 10th

Law – fourth

Media & film studies – sixth

Politics – ninth

On the other hand, two of King’s most popular and most reputable courses, Medicine and the Biosciences, did rather poorly, with us ranked 30th and 32nd respectively.

That King’s students hate being at King’s is nothing new, but to do so badly in a table as highly valued as The Guardian’s is a bitter pill to swallow – our teaching and staff-to-student ratio were both judged as the fourth-worst in the country. Ouch.