Big Pets on Campus: Vote for King’s top dog

It’s a dog-eat-dog world

Forget exams, coursework, revision or that new TV show on Netflix.  We all want to know who is Top Dog at King’s.  After extensive searching through packs of dogs, we have narrowed it down to the Final Six.  Who wins?  You decide.

Lucy, the Springer Spaniel

Staring into your soul

Likes: Chasing Rabbits and Birds and Sunbathing

Dislikes: Cats and Late Dinners

Billie, the Miniature Pinscher


Likes: Sun patches and the foetal position

Dislikes: Plastic bags blowing in the wind and being ignored

Kenzo, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Tiny Temper

Likes: Cheese, rubs on his belly, rolling in the grass, cuddles and getting his celebratory McFlurry for his birthday

Dislikes: Hoovering and taking showers

Simba, the Miniature Pinscher

Downward Dog

Likes: Cuddles, sunbathing, sleeping, being pampered and being chased

Dislikes: Puddles and Vegetables

Billy, the Toy Poodle

Hunter gatherer

Likes: Long walks, playing with balls, afternoon naps and weeing

Dislikes: Squirrels, dog food and puppies

King Charles Spaniel


Likes: Bitches, Moonlit walks in long grass and questionably long baths

Dislikes: The Patriarchy, meat and animal cruelty

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