The worst thing about King’s is the generally terrible admin

You voted in your hundreds

A few weeks ago, we asked you to vote for the worst thing about your beloved uni. Now, the results are in. The worst thing about King’s, with 28 per cent of the vote, is the generally terrible admin.

King’s inability to perform even the most basic of administrative tasks was the thing that irked you the most, getting a staggering 235 votes.

The result won’t come as a shock to many, as it has been well documented that the quality of King’s admin (or lack thereof) is the root cause for the low satisfaction among its students.

The ugly Strand building came second

Fans of specific admin cock-ups will also rejoice in the knowledge that the inconsistency of our lecture capture system and our dodgy manipulation of league table rankings also proved popular, placing fifth and seventh respectively.

Building-wise, both the Strand and the Barbican came in for a kicking, the former placing second with 17 per cent of the vote and the latter beating out KEATS with five per cent.

Elsewhere, Waterloo-based pacifists unable to stand the Strand-Guy’s divide accounted for seven per cent of the vote, while travel enthusiasts who should probably be at a campus uni voted ‘getting to and from uni’ as KCL’s fourth-most annoying quirk.

Finally, in total-miscarriage-of-justice-news, potentially non-existent “publication” ROAR, only got 13 votes, which is probably the same number of people as its entire readership, leaving it in tenth place.

Meanwhile, The Tab King’s scooped up 107 votes to “claim” 3rd. Thanks a fucking lot, guys.

Our admin is almost twice as terrible as our architecture.