Boys in caps are really fit

Or are they?

Boy, cap, me: it’s a tale as old as time. There’s nothing quite as likely to guarantee a double take on my part as a boy wearing a cap. Caps send out this attractive, don’t-care attitude that says the wearer doesn’t take himself too seriously. They’re blasé. They’re charming. They’re quite 90s, which is self-evidently great.

They work especially well backwards:

He knows it

But forwards is fine too:

Damn fine

Boys in caps give off the impression of having genuinely needed to wear their cap for some good reason at one point or another. Do they play an impressive sport when their hair needs to be kept out their eyes? Or have they spent time on some tropical beach, where the cap was necessary sun protection?

The ramifications of these options are very good. The sport implies talent. The beach implies a torso, a tan and good travelling tales.

Be mine

They just make the guy look a bit cheeky really. A cap says – that person’s probably got some interesting chat. He could probably make me laugh. He would probably be good in bed.


Caps will never get old because they’re an immortal trademark of fit people.

Or are they?

On the other hand, there’s a case to be made against caps. A cap? Lol! How original and cool! Haha and you’ve turned it backwards? Oh you great innovator! Why is it that you think you’re road now that you’ve parked the world’s most mainstream piece of headgear on top of your deeply average head?

Boys who wear caps look a bit overly concerned and desperate. ‘Pick me I’m wearing a cap! xx’ The trouble with caps is they can suggest the wearer has spent ages carefully selecting the ideal outfit components to suggest he doesn’t care – which obviously doesn’t really work.

Overall, personally, if he pulls it off, I’m a fan.

there’s a reason i’m looking that pleased with myself

But the trick is having the personality to match the cap. Otherwise he’s just like an egg wearing an ‘I’m cool I promise’ sticker.