Why everyone should want to live at Ewen Henderson

It’s easily the best and everyone should know it

Of all King’s accommodation, Ewen Henderson is the one that’s easily overlooked and frequently forgotten about. When you tell people you live in Ewen Henderson you can expect to be met with blank stares or polite smiles from people that have clearly never heard of it. They just don’t know what they’re missing out on though. It might be small but it’s like a tiny diamond alongside the rest of the coal. It’s easily the best and everyone should know it.

It’s the place to be

We’re in a better location… sort of

We might be quite far from campus, but who needs central London when you can live in New Cross? Being close to a big Sainsbury’s is way more practical than being close to the Shard. It’s a lot quieter away from the rush of the city here than in the centre of London so it’s possible to sleep all day and not worry about being woken up by traffic. Isn’t that just the dream for any true student? It also means we pay less a week than most of the other halls, only £155 compared to £179 for Stamford Street.

Our flats are bigger than everyone else’s

A flat for four has a kitchen bigger than any kitchen in Stamford Street and our bathrooms are so big you can’t use the toilet and have a shower at the same time. It might be time-saving but I think Great Dover Street can keep that particular feature.

It was a lot easier on moving in day

If you came here in the car, we didn’t have to deal with inner-city traffic and as it’s down a side-street there’s more space to park so we didn’t have to rush as much to get our stuff into our rooms. Also, our parents didn’t have to pay congestion charge: that’s £11.50 you’ll never get back.

We’re made to feel welcome

Everyone’s nervous on moving in day so at ECH we were provided with some great icebreakers. Every flat was given mugs to decorate together, the best-decorated could win a prize, and everyone had to join in the obligatory first night pub crawl.

Is there a better way to make friends? I think not

There’s always something to do

Every occasion means some sort of activity in the common room and decorations throughout reception. Halloween, Christmas, Chinese New Year, St. Patrick’s Day… you name it and they will decorate.

St. Patrick’s day = perfect opportunity for a pizza night

There’s frequently free food on offer from smoothies to hot dogs; one time there was even a wine and cheese evening, and it doesn’t take much for them to bring out the chocolate fountain. Fridays are movie night, popcorn provided of course. Students are allowed access to the Netflix account on the TV in the common room and there’s the pool table available for whenever you fancy a game.

Its peaceful

It’s getting into tourist season and there are people everywhere in central London, randomly stopping in the middle of Waterloo bridge to take a selfie or look at a map and not standing on the right side of the escalator in the Tube. No one comes to London to look at New Cross though. We don’t have to worry about being stopped by countless Americans asking for directions to ‘that big house where the Queen lives’, ‘that fancy bridge’ or even just to M&M World. We don’t have to act as walking, talking maps of London.

It may not look much at first but when you find out more about it you just can’t help but admit it, you’re jealous. Everyone always is.