Girls who have it together: Who are they and how do they do it?

They must be another species

There are some vast philosophical puzzles out there but probs none more unfathomable than the existence of girls who have their shit together. Literally who are these females? And just how do they do what they do?

Together Girls carry handbags – actual on-the-shoulder ones. The zip works and there’s no rubbish inside. Instead there is a Moleskine notebook, a portable phone charger and a detox Itsu juice.

Together af

Together Girls possess ‘Wardrobe Basics’ and they know how to talk about things like ‘A Nude Lip’ and ‘Brows’ and ‘Pastel Shades’. They’re aware which is their good side for photos, and they take face powder out clubbing. They know what cuticles are and they also maintain them. They have a signature scent. They are gluten intolerant, they eat quinoa and they drink daiquiris (plus they know how to spell both those last two things without looking them up).

Just how

Their hair is never greasy nor frizzy – just optimum atmospheric conditions at all times. Obviously, Together Girls go to the gym, and they have an extensive range of co-ordinated outfits for this purpose. They have a religious skincare routine. They do their uni work on time.

What all this amounts to is a range of incredible character traits. These girls are organised. They are stunning. They are efficient and in control of life. They never send snapchats like this:

Send help

Only like this.

Astonishing, really

Their selfies look like this:


…not this.

Well full marks for effort

They are consistently sensitive to what’s going on around them, and they never make a faux pas. Consider the discomfort when this happens to you: ‘Where’s your boyfriend, you guys are sooo cute, you are like my fave ever couple at uni!!’… ‘Yeah he dumped me, thanks for the reminder’. THIS NEVER HAPPENS to a Together Girl, who thinks before she speaks, networks effortlessly and is also unfailingly gracious and generous to all.

Even when that annoying Arsenal supporter heckling her on the Tube with his vape and his Fosters (just lads innit), she will respond to as beautifully as ever. Everyone she meets either wants to be her or be with her. She is so just so nice and thoughtful and constantly appropriate that she must be another species.

She never accidentally singes her eyelashes, or wakes up from a disorderly Tuesday night wearing a sunhat and cradling a Subway.

True story

She never makes rash decisions or speaks impulsively. She is beautiful 24/7. You just can’t fault her.


The great question, then, is whether this dazzling, elusive Together-ness is down to nature or nurture? Can it be studied and learned? If so, how? HOW? Any suggestions or tips would be profoundly appreciated, all you Together Girls.

Having said this though, maybe please tell us (the Slightly-Less-Together) your secret in a couple of years. Because I think we’re kind of happy being a mess right now. Being outlandish and spontaneous while we can. We admire you unconditionally, Together Girls, you are flawless – but we’ll get it together later.