Varsity Street Style: UCL vs KCL

And the winner is…

There’s rugby, there’s football, and there is the flaming undeniable competition between KCL and UCL. Now let’s talk style. Have you ever wondered who would win in a street style-off?

With Rod Stewart singing in the background, we ask the question: Do ya think I’m stylish? Here are five random men from both unis (and your possible new crushes), with their unique street style and sass whereas somedays some of us can’t even get out of bed let alone dress up.

Are we ready to judge? Lights, camera, fashion!



Alex, 21, was one of our favourites. With his unique style defying the world full of basics, Alex looks like he’s ready to conquer Fashion Week. When we ask him to define his style in one word, Alex broke the rule by once again being unique and said Keith Richards.

The sass is real


Sam, 20, is an actual human being though he looks like an Urban Outfitters model. We love the way he used burgundy, a colour thats very in this season. Sam, despite looking somewhat stylish, named his style as lazy.

He also notified us that the beanies can still be worn in March


Haaaave you met Ted? He’s 21 and rocks a man bun way better than Harry Styles. Ted is wearing a very monochromatic minimalist outfit. We likey. When asked about his style, he simply responds “social” and turns to talk to his friends.

Hair more glamorous than mine


Mayor of Funky Town, Haoyuan, 21, proves that the cold can’t beat style. He’s wearing a colourful cute jumper with custom Adidas superstars. He defines his style as funky. Shocker.

He coordinated his shoes with his bag. What else is there to say?


Allora, our last KCL style icon is Giorgio. Giorgio, 18, looks like he got lost in Rome and ended up in London like in Enchanted. He is a perfect representation of the Italian style and defines it as “classic“.

He’s so Italian that I actually had to wait for him to finish his espresso to take this



Did someone say Alex Turner? Don’t worry, you’re not on tumblr! Sam, 20, has the full on Donny Darko bad boy vibe combined with Eric from That Seventies Show. When we ask him about his style, Sam says “seventies.”

If we record a couple of indie songs and used this as an album cover, you would probably be hearing Sam in your Spotify indie chillout playlist. Damn Sam!


Victor, 23, is rocking the beanie and doesn’t seem really bothered by the indecisive weather. He combined probably the safest option that we all have: a simple white tee and jeans.

When asked about his style, Victor says “easy”. And that’s how easy style can be!


Tanguy, looked very comfortable and warm in his puffy bomber jacket. With the dramatic look on his face, he defined his style as simply “french“. Who are we to argue?

Now I regret not asking where the coat is from


James, 19, would approve of me when I said he’s like a modern day Leonard Hoffstadter . Protected from the rain and warm, James defines his style as the one of a “teenager“.

Wonder if he’s studying physics?


And for the last victim, Javier, 24. He combines black and brown in this rainy day and when asked about his style says “casual“.

Maybe idolising your namesake Bardem?

That’s all folks! And for the verdict: Though both sides were pretty strong with unique characteristics, I’ll have to go with KCL.

Who can deny the sass? Let us know who you think deserves to win below.