King’s named eighth best university in Europe

It’s bad news for London Met…

King’s has been named the eighth best university in Europe in the latest Times Higher Education Rankings.

The list orders 200 unis based on their teaching environment, research environment, citations (research influence), industry income and international outlook, which is nice.

The UK did pretty well actually: Oxford and Cambridge predictably sit at the top while the rest of the top 10 also features Edinburgh (7) as well as the usual London suspects, Imperial (3), UCL (5), LSE (6) and King’s (8). As you might expect, many other (but not all) UK unis appear throughout the table. (Spoiler: it’s bad news for London Met.)

In fact, UK universities take up nearly a quarter of the 200-strong list, making it the most-represented nation. Take that, Germany.

The list is a bit different from the countless others you may have looked at before you sent off your UCAS and you might be surprised to hear that Durham, who were sixth on the Guardian’s popular equivalent list for UK unis in 2016, finds itself here at 24, below both Manchester (18) and Bristol (23). Although King’s sat at 40 on that table so maybe the less said of that the better.

If you too are a big fan of lists and/or making yourself feel superior to others, you can find the list here. (Be warned: it goes on for ages and whoever wrote it clearly got bored at the end and started grouping them in tens rather than ranking them individually).