Meet KCL’s London Varsity hockey girls

One of them is compared to a sperm

As the London Varsity Series draws ever closer, and the tensions between one of the longest and competitive rivalries between two universities rise, we’ll be taking a sneak peak at who we are likely to see bring home the points this year. First up, it’s women’s hockey sharing some interesting facts on the team opening the Varsity series 2016.

Rachael Jones

Position: Goal Keeper

Number: 1

Degree: Second year Neuroscience

Renowned for: Wait guys what happened last night? #whitegirlwasted

Chloe Wilson

Position: Defence

Number: 2

Degree: Third year English Literature

Renowned for: Leading by example and taking out every single member of the opposition including the goalie

Ellie Yianni

Position: Defence

Number: 12

Degree: First year Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

Renowned for: If she was a sperm she would win the race to the egg #needforspeed

Gabby Kent

Position: Defence

Number: 11

Degree: MSc Climate Change

Renowned for: For having Coach Steve on Snapchat and sharing with the team his misdemeanours

Beatrice Wigmore

Position: Midfield

Number: 9

Degree: Third year Master in Pharmacy

Renowned for: “When I say yes I mean no”

Rebecca Woodcock

Position: Midfield

Number: 7

Degree: Third year Law

Renowned for: Queen of losing everything, wallet, phone, her cool with umpires, everything except Varsity

Kathryn Lang

Position: Midfield

Number: 16

Degree: Fourth year Master in Pharmacy

Renowned for: The ultimate commander of the podium, she takes no prisoners

Katy Henman

Position: Midfield

Number: 3

Degree: Second year Politics, Philosophy and Law

Renowned for: The ability to link every conversation back to herself


Brodie Fairchild

Position: Midfield

Number: 5

Degree: Second year Geography

Renowned for: Aka Brogan with the braids and bullet shots (warning: probably hasn’t washed her hair)

Esther Cobbald

Position: Forward

Number: 4

Degree: Third year History

Renowned for: Commitment questionable but previous walkabout conquests admirable

Stephanie Burns

Position: Forward

Number: 6

Degree: Second year Law

Renowned for: The achievement of making enemies with every umpire in the league

Sasha Ritchie

Position: Forward

Number: 8

Degree: Second year Mathematics

Renowned for: It is with upmost pride we announce that after first year of silence, in second year Sashie found her long lost voice

Jenny Morris

Position: Forward

Number: 10

Degree: First year Physics and Philosophy

Renowned for: Rowdy scouse who left the dark side to become a winner