Campus style: What’s in at King’s?

Backpack season is here

As the season changes, so does style.

Every year, old fashion and lifestyle trends make way for new ones. Keeping up with all of these might seem overwhelming – but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

IN: Organisation
OUT: “Go with the flow”

This year, all colourful diaries, organisers and planners are in. Whether you like a splash of colour or jet black like me, you have all the options in the world – or at least all the options in stationery shops like Paperchase, Moleskin or Kikki.K.

Zeynep, 21, chose a bright red diary with an inspirationally sassy quote: “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” We totally agree.

IN: Colour
OUT: The basic

To be honest, “the basic” will never be completely out but a little colour never hurt anyone. This season, it’s all about popping your outfit with a splash of colour of one item (don’t go too crazy on the pink).

Helen here, 23, combining a relatively simple outfit with edgy pink Docs, scored 10/10. She’s warm, protected from the rain, and as fabulous as Sharpay Evans could ever be.

IN: Fitness gear
OUT: Too much effort

When you’re rushing to make it to a 9 a.m., you can’t think about wearing heels – actually, the only thing you’re probably thinking about is coffee.

So why not throw on your trainers for ultimate laid-back chic? Zeynep here is wearing a smart casual outfit – with Nike trainers – and looks both stylish and comfortable because of it.

IN: The Backpack
OUT: The Handbag

When you’re carrying all your books, a water bottle (hydration is important!), your laptop and your diary, a backpack is certainly the most useful accessory. Eric, 18, chose a classic Eastpak.

Vincent, 23, chose a tribal patterned backpack. So on point.

Caetana, 18, chose a light-blue Kipling that looks both comfy and big- as if it’d carry everything.

Felicie, 21, chose a more classic/less sporty backpack and combined it with a white turtleneck (another very “in” item that I’ve also addressed in my blog). With her stylish outfit and bob haircut, she looks like a total parisienne.

IN: The bold
OUT: The nude

This season is all about the eyes. Whether you like to use a black eyeshadow all over for a smoky effect or a pinky white powder, the stage is yours.

My tip (as a brunette with blonde brows) would be to go crazy with your eyebrows and fill them in for the “bold eye” look.