Mice spotted in the Franklin Wilkins building

Staff have blamed littering students for the unexpected guests

The old adage has it that we’re never more than six feet away from a rat – but students have now spotted mice in the Franklin Wilkins building.

Second year English student Jordan Davies, who snapped a picture of one of the critters, said: “I was on one of the top floor computers – I looked around and there it was, just staring.

“Then it sprinted towards me and darted off around the corner. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t scare me a little bit!”

From afar, all appears squeaky clean

Library staff and the King’s maintenance team, who didn’t appear phased by the mouse sighting, have blamed students leaving empty food packages for the arrival of any mice. 

They added that the increasingly cold and wet weather will naturally cause a surge in rodent numbers everywhere.

Mice to meet you

While the librarians may not have appeared too worried, students in the library were far less accepting of their new study buddies.

After witnessing screaming girls fleeing their computers on the other side of the library, Jordan added: “It’s pretty disgusting when you think about it.

“But I guess a positive thing is that we have finally found a role for Nando’s the cat.”

History fresher Jamie Morley added: “I knew finding a book in the library was like a game of cat and mouse, but this is ridiculous.”

After being notified of the incident, a King’s College spokesperson told The Tab: “Dealing with pest problems is a high priority for King’s.

“We would like to thank students who report issues to our help desk as it helps us manage potential issues at the earliest opportunity. We have regular pest control work underway throughout the year in all our buildings and we have increased that work at FWB.

“Mice will sometimes enter buildings if they are disturbed by external building works and there is a significant amount of work currently underway in the FWB location.”