Economics freshers were given an exam paper with deliberate mistakes in it

The department claims they did it on purpose


Economics freshers were given an exam paper with deliberate mistakes in and told to “do the best they could with what they had”.

Only months earlier Economics students were forced to sit an exam in the dark without enough paper or desks, but this time the department admit they entered mistakes on purpose.

The students had to answer both section A and B. While the first years had been previously warned of possible mistakes within section A of the paper, section B caused similar problems.

In Section B you had to chose between two questions. But the second one had mistakes which made the questions impossible. But as the freshers were not informed of a possible mistake within section B, many attempted to answer it and therefore lost valuable time.

One disgruntled Economics student explained: “In section B, we had two exercises with sub parts and we had to chose one of them. I took the second one… Except that, regardless of how many times you redid your calculations by hand (because of course, no calculators allowed), the point simply did not exist.

“So I lost 20 minutes trying to find a fucking point that didn’t exist, because the given formula was wrong.”
While some freshers found time to change questions, many students were unable to finish the exam in the allotted time. Another student, upon realising he hadn’t enough time to answer the other provided question, instead chose to write the examiner a letter to voice his anger.

Despite the clear confusion from those who sat the exam, the Economics department have said that the section two question was not a mistake after all. In fact, they made the question the way it was on purpose and, whilst they were sorry that many of the students missed it, there was a hint to the answer within section one of the paper.

Many students remain angered by this as the hint was in a different section of the paper and so, they argue, nobody would have thought to join the two.