Fresher forced to evacuate Champion Hill room due to water damage

Her spirits have been dampened

A KCL first year has been forced to move out of her room at Champion Hill due to a leaking pipe.

French student Anna had to vacate her room last week after receiving a rather inconvenient email from accommodation services.

She was informed that water damage caused by pipe leakage from her shower had become “severe”, meaning her entire floor would need to be replaced.

The scene of the incident

She was told about the issue several weeks earlier when it was first discovered and was asked to shower in a spare room in a different flat.

However Accommodation Services did not take action until last week, causing the disgruntled student to have to totally move out due to the risk of her floor caving in.

The shower during happier times

After contacting her residence manager about the debacle she was greeted with an out of office email saying that he is away until the 2nd December.

Anna told The Tab: “I spent four hours moving into my new room on Thursday because my floor could potentially collapse.

“It’s not really what you want to hear when you’ve just settled in and have a million essays to write at the same time.

“I’m pretty annoyed because I have no idea when I’ll be able to move back in.”

The halls have only been open since 2014

Champion Hill has only been open a year, and has divided opinion with residents since.

First year Fran Milner said: “The rooms are generally really nice, but a consequence of them being really clean is that it makes it feel like a hotel, so it’s hard to make it feel like home.”

Champion Hill have been contacted for comment.