Wolfson House has been hit by a bed bug infestation


Freshers at Wolfson House have been forced to abandon their rooms following an outbreak of bed bugs. 

Unlucky residents of the halls, located on Guy’s Campus, were told to leave by residence leaders after the infestation was discovered on Friday.

Although only four rooms out of 18 were directly affected by the outbreak, everyone on the floor was told to leave as a precaution.


A temporary room at Angel Lane

Residents have now been temporarily rehoused at Angel Lane, in Stratford – a 30 minute commute away.

Generous accommodation bosses have pledged to pay for groceries, two weeks of free rent, travel costs and food vouchers to use on campus.

Speaking to The Tab, English fresher Charlie Castelletti said: “Being told to move was devastating and the tension and stress caused was tangible and felt throughout the entire floor.

“But once we had actually moved we were put more at ease.”

Bed bug victim Charlie

Meanwhile Rose Fatherazi, who lives at Angel Lane, said: “What happened in Wolfson House is clearly a problem, so I have no issue with new people coming to Angel Lane. The more the merrier!”

In a statement, King’s Accommodation Services told The Tab: “The welfare of our students is our highest priority and we want to reassure students and parents that this matter has our full attention.

“We’re sorry for any distress and inconvenience caused to our students and we are working as quickly as we can to eradicate this problem, with as little disruption to our students as possible.”