How mental was your night? Champion Hill edition

Excited freshers give us the lowdown on their first night at King’s

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Freshers sure do like to let loose, especially when they’ve just moved in – so we asked Champion Hill freshers: on a scale of one to absolute carnage, how crazy was your first night of Freshers?


David, 19, Hertfordshire, Biomedical Engineering

“It was a good night out, we had a few pre drinks at Cassini and headed over to Ministry of Sound. It was a good atmosphere, everyone was hyped for it.”

Faith, 22, York, Nursing

“Yeah it was good, went to Camden, went to Shaka Zulu. It was crazy.”
Holly, 18, Leeds, Chemistry with Biomedicine

“It wasn’t too messy, it was quite chill really. I went out to Wetherspoons with some cool people I met, and then I just went back to the kitchen and hung out.”


Lydia, 20, Bath, Philosophy

“My first night out was… interesting, having ended up in a gay bar with leather clad men. Not my usual scene, but really enjoyable.”


Marcus, 20, Bournemouth, Computer Science

“Well, I can’t remember most of it, so pretty wild. I remember going to Wetherspoons and after that we went to a gathering at a friend’s flat, which was pretty good from what I remember.”


Paul, 19, Hanover,  Economics and Management

“It got pretty wild after we left our official drinks reception. We went to Wetherspoons and Tiger and then to some friend’s flats and got pretty pissed.”

Raphaella, 25, Switzerland, Environment Politics and Globalisation

“I met Zoe the first night and went to a lovely but relatively quiet kitchen party.”

sam Sam, 20, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Comp Sciences

“My first night was pretty wild, I also ended up at a gay bar, probably a little bit too intoxicated, did some damage to my foot, but y’know, surviving.”


Zoe,  18, Colchester, Nursing

“It was quite a quiet one, I went to a little kitchen party and met a few people and that was about it.”