The essential KCL freshers’ week lineup

A roundup of the King’s freshers events you don’t want to miss

fabric freshers icebreaker KCL kings London ministry of sound tiger tiger

The wait is over; university is upon us, freshers is beckoning, Facebook is a frenzy and anticipation is in the air.

But where and when can one expect to experience the most carnage?


One of the most eagerly anticipated KCL events this year is the KCL Freshers’ Rave at the infamous Fabric, headlined by none other than Radio 1’s DJ Danny Howard: 17th September, Farringdon tube station – all you need to know.

Incoming freshers can also expect fire-breathing grannies and giant penguins at the Big Freshers Icebreaker at Tiger Tiger on 21st September.

Aaron Hindman, a first year student, couldn’t control his excitement about it: He said: “Obviously the Icebreaker looks like a solid shout, I’m really looking forward to that one.”


If you like noise – and a lot of it – look no further than Milkshake at Ministry of Sound on the 22nd.

Aside from being a legendary club, it boasts guests of the calibre of Tinie Tempah and the Black Eyed Peas. This year’s event will see a number of “ultimate A-list surprise guests” float through the doors – so you won’t want to miss it.

Henry Lorimore, an international undergraduate,said: “I’ve been to the Ministry of Sound and it’s insane. Milkshake will be a great night, cheap drinks and plenty of people.”

Word on the street is to buy the KCL Freshers’ wristband which will get you free entry into events like the KCL Freshtival on the 13th and the Freshers’ Rave on the 17th.

Also up for grabs is the Lowercase London Week 1 or 2 wristband which will get you into the London Freshers Festival with Wiley and Majestic, and the London Freshers’ Circus at Shaka Zulu in Camden.

As with all these, buy your tickets now – it’ll set you back between £5 and £20.

Lights on, London. Lights on.