King’s student sets new British 100m record

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Dina Asher-Smith, a first year history student at King’s has become the fastest female runner in British history, by setting the record for the women’s 100m, running it in just 11.02 seconds at the AA Drink FBK Games on 24th May in the Netherlands.

The 19 year old student ran 0.53 seconds faster than the current Olympic record for women. In her first race this season, she beat the GB record made by Montell Douglas in 2008, who set the record at 11.05 in 2008 and also beat her previous best by 0.12 seconds.


Source: The Guardian

Source: The Guardian


She expressed her happiness in an interview with the BBC, saying: ‘I was absolutely over the moon. I really wasn’t expecting to run that time with the kind of race that I ran so I was really happy.’

But despite smashing the record, Asher-Smith revealed that she was initially disappointed with her performance before the realization of her achievement hit her. Speaking to The Telegraph, she said: “I wasn’t completely happy with it because my start was only alright and at the end I felt like I tightened up and lost my form”.

Asher-Smith manages to fit in her training alongside studying for her history degree at King’s. Somehow, she always does the reading and gets her essays in on time.



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