KCL Most Haunted: The grisly past of our campus buildings

Ghosts are real


Revision can make you weak and delusional, maybe you’ll start seeing things. But just to terrify you even more, there have been several ghost sightings across KCL campus in the last few years. Don’t freak out.

Guy’s campus


– Ghost sightings in London Bridge station: poltergeist activity witnessed in 2007 when construction began for “London Bridge experience attraction”, workers discovered a plague pit with skeletons.


-Great Dover Street Apartments burial ground: excavations in the 1990’s found that the residence used to be a Roman burial ground, a woman gladiator’s body was also discovered on the site, along with other ancient relics.

– Ghost of nurse seen in Guy’s hospital in the late 1960’s: a nurse dressed in late 19th century uniform is said to be seen placing her hand on patient’s shoulders to reassure them. People have also claimed to have echoes of her walking loudly in the corridors.



– Ghost sightings in Aldwynch tube station: Unofficially titled the theatre line due to its proximity to the West End theatres. Numerous claims of ghost sightings have been made by staff who cleans the tunnels at night. The ghost is said to be of an actress who believes she had not enjoyed her last curtain call. In 2002 crew from TV’s most Haunted spent 24 hours in the station. ONe of the members managed to contact a ghost called Margaret. Meanwhile, on another platform, motion sensors were set off even though no one was near enough to hit it.

– Murder in Charing Cross station: In 1927, staff at the station noticed the decaying smell left in the luggage department and discovered a dismembered female corpse decomposing inside one of the bags.

Waterloo campus


-Murder outside the station: Occurred recently in January 2015, a man in his 40s found dead with head injuries at a bus stop outside Waterloo station.

-Gang fight: In 1927, a massive gang riot took place just outside the Duke of Wellington pub, eight people were killed.

The Maughan Library


– Ghost sighting in Chancery Lane tube station: In the 1960’s, drivers reported an appearance of a man standing next to them in the cab. Said to be some sort of fellow crewman, the man would stare straight ahead and vanish as soon as the train started.