KCL student CHARGED over terror offences

Shocking news broken by email


A King’s student has been charged with terrorism offences connected to the notorious Islamic extremist group ISIS.

The KCL community has been shaken to its core by the news that Suhaib Majeed, an MSci Physics student, was arrested following police raids in London.

The shocking news was broken to gobsmacked students and staff via an internal email, which simply read: “We regret to inform you that Suhaib Majeed, a student from King’s College London, has been charged with intending to commit acts of terrorism. He has appeared in court today and has been remanded in custody.”


Majeed and three other men were arrested for their involvement in a plot which, allegedly, would have involved shooting British police officers and soldiers on the streets of London.

The plan was in accordance with a fatwa declared by a senior ISIS terrorist, which called for followers to murder ‘disbelievers’ in their home countries.

Speaking to The Tab, newly elected Student Council Chair Anthony Shaw said: “It’s very upsetting that a member of our student body has been charged with these offences. The crimes he is accused of stand against everything this great university represents. But we must remind ourselves that he is innocent until proven guilty and that this is not the time for hysteria or blaming and punishing of certain groups. We must come together as one community.”

“In the meantime, I want to advise students that the university and the students’ union offer numerous services and if students are feeling concerned or worried please don’t hesitate to seek help.”