KCL’s favourite fresher takeaways

Because maccies is just too mainstream

Burger King fast food food freshers KFC Leb Grill Lebanese Grill saving student students takeaways

So you’re in the big city for uni, and it’s time you learn all its hidden secrets. A main one being food spots!

There’s a McDonald’s, Burger King or KFC on every corner, but you’re in London now, so take advantage of the ridiculously large selection and grab something way tastier.

First on the list… WATERLOO GRILL.

waterloo grill

This is a big favourite, particularly if you live at Stamford Street. This will become your staple diet every Wednesday after Walkabout and a definite go-to during exam and assignment period. Meal deals start from £4.50 and bat your eyelashes to get cheesy chips for free.

Next up! The LEB GRILL.

leb grill

This one’s often overlooked, as it’s awkwardly located between Elephant and Castle and Old Kent Road. But, trust me, this is one of the best kebab shops in London. Kofta, shawarma, shish: you name it, they have it. Best dish? The half chicken and chips with garlic mayo. Always, ALWAYS garlic mayo.



Forget ‘Two for Tuesdays’. You’re a student who needs to be saving the pennies, so Papa Johns and Dominos are out (unless there’s a deal). Go to places like Ecco Pizza (Waterloo) for Italian-style or Super Pizza (Old Kent Road) for good ol’ American deep pan. Great taste and at £2-£4, there’s way more money leftover for Walkabout. Free delivery too!

Fourth up is ITSU.


If you’re craving the finer things in life, you need to know about Itsu: Wasabi’s fresher, better quality rival. Their potsus are nom and they make good sushi. It’s also the one of the few places that has a sale everyday: half an hour before closing, the cold foods are half price! If you can’t wait until closing time, students also get 15% off after 3pm.

And last but not least… CHINATOWN.


All you can eat like never before. Cheap and cheerful, these buffets allow you to fill yourself up on prawn toast, satay chicken, beef in black bean sauce and more. Most restaurants charge around £10, but Little Wu has recently expanded its range and only costs £5. Alternatively, you can fill up a proper foil box for only a fiver. Decent.

With so much to choose from, you won’t be getting much use from that student cookbook. Instead, enjoy gaining those extra kilos. Winter is coming, after all.