Keep yourself warm this winter – without turning your heating on

It’s time to get creative – here’s our top 5 tips for keeping yourself warm this winter, without breaking the bank

No one wants to be going to the library just to avoid being able to see their own breath in their living room. With heating costs rising every week (thanks DavCam), turning on the old radiators are sometimes just not a viable option. Get creative with these ideas for staying warm…

Keep the oven doors open


No more cold and lonely nights

After cooking your student-regulation fish fingers, keep the oven doors open as it cools down. It will turn into a sauna, the perfect place to do your seminar reading. Balmy!

Onesies are your new best friends


Pikachu hits KCL

Dividing opinions for years, these oversized babygros are your only shot at warmth in a second-storey ex-council flat with creeping damp in East London. Trust me, I know.



Gap Yah ponchos

Wearing everything you own is underrated in the quest for warmth. Multiple scarves, ear muffs, gloves, bed socks, slippers, leggings and jeans are just some suggestions. However don’t underestimate oven gloves, ponchos, and old leavers’ hoodies.

Use your hairdryer imaginatively…


Not just for hair anymore…

Toasty pants are invaluable for the damp Monday 9ams.

Alternatively… hibernation


This bulldog’s got the right idea

Spending all time at home in bed. Students or money-saving experts? A bit of both.