Student pet of the week

Meet Watson, this week’s BPOC (big bet on campus).

Each week we’ll be choosing our ‘Pet of Kings’ and sharing him or her with you to ooh and ahh over. This week, meet Watson, he’s more than elementary.


Name: Lord Watson

Age: 7 months

Colour: Brindle

Breed: Whippet cross Lurcher

Likes: Cigars, British Summers, Overcoats and a darn good liver pâté (preferably served in a kong)

Dislikes: Hoovers, Postmen and delays on the District Line

Relationship Status: In a complicated relationship with Sir-Licks-a-Lot


Music: Snoop Dogg, Pitbull, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Bow Wow. And, Miley Cyrus (when he wants to go a little cray cray).

Ambition: To master the selfie, finish his PhD and become a glamour model

Due to pressure from his agents, Lord Watson has been forced to call a stop to all fan mail and underwear being sent to his home address. Bitches, however, are always welcome.