KCLSU Vote To Ban Blurred Lines

King’s becomes the latest uni to ban the ‘offensive’ hit.

Last night KCLSU Council voted overwhelmingly in favour of banning the controversial hit ‘Blurred Lines’ by Robin Thicke.


The vote follows similar action against the popular hit at more than 20 other universities. King’s now joins the ranks of UCL, Edinburgh and Chester as universities that have banned the song for its ‘offensive nature’.

The top hit, which has become the UK’s second best selling single of 2013, has been slammed by students for ‘perpetuating an oppressive message’.

The decision comes after reports that a student who set up a petition opposing the ban was expelled from a sports society.

The motion, proposed by Women’s Officer Rachel Williams, claimed that playing the song would violate KCLSU’s Safe Space policy which says that students “should be free from harassment resulting from prejudice”. And supporters of the ban claimed that hearing the song would ‘trigger’ individuals whom have suffered rape.

During the council session a number of amendments were proposed including a wish to put the issue to a university wide referendum – but this was rejected 13 to 8 votes.


The ban now means that the song can not be played at KCLSU bars, spaces, gyms or events.

But KCL Radio wrote this message on their website after the vote: If a KCL Radio DJ or presenter wants to play a song, we’re not going to stop them. I was under the impression we had the editorial independence to make such a decision. It would appear these matters are decided for us.”

KCLSU’s NUS Delegate Henrique Laitenberger said: “A Students’ Union cannot assume the moral authority of a censoring body, capable of objectively judging certain content appropriate or inappropriate. To set such a precedent may have grave unintended consequences”.

In an interview with the BBC Thicke responded to the bans by stating that he “had no idea it would stir this much controversy”.