How to spot a hipster at KCL

We are the King’s of hipster. Here’s how to spot the hipsters from the wannabes at KCL.

If you’re a bit edgy but not quite sure, or if you fancy trying your hand at it, here’s how to be a hipster at King’s:

1. Attire


No smiling allowed.



Vintage, vintage and did I mention vintage? Hand me downs and charity shops make your wardrobe. So for the lads: a beard, a bit of chest hair on show and a ninja turtles t-shirt should suffice. For the ladies: glasses, an undercut, Dad’s denim jacket and moccasins. The aim of the game is to look like you have just come out of a Dazed and Confused shoot (that’s a hipster magazine for all you mainstream folk).

2. Mode of transport


If you’re really edgy, you’ll make your own bike, like this one.

The bicycle/skateboard. The edgy-est way to get to uni. Walking is far too conventional.  A true hipster will go so far to ride this through all seasons and put it together themselves.  – others with less time on their hands may take the bus. If you’re really edgy, you’ll ride a scooter.

3. The mind set

Oh this? I just threw it together.

Oh this? I just threw it together.

A true hipster never admits it. So basically, pretending to be modest. It’s a good trait. Oh, and they drop literary bomb shells every now and again, that takes some practice though kids. GO EASY.

4. Talk that talk


Makes perfect sense.

Hipsters talk in riddles. I remember hearing this one girl say “wanting to be too different makes you mainstream. I’ve never looked to be different”. WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?! Only a hipster could casually drop a deep statement like that. ‘Totes’ and ‘Yah’ are also additions to the hipster dictionary.

5. The big chill


And remember, hipsters never smile.

Dalston. Shoreditch. Peckham. I’m no hipster but go to the Nest in Dalston – that’s where you want to be, apparently.