Best places to go on a date at King’s

Take your boo to one of these tried and tested hotspots this winter.

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Winter is coming, the nights are drawing in and the walk back from lectures seems that bit more depressing when you’re all alone in London.

Don’t despair though as there’s a veritable smorgasbord (well, about four) of spots on campus to take that girl or guy who who’s been catching your eye from across the seminar room.

So, put away the Ben and Jerry’s, dry your eyes, bite the bullet and try to convince them that it’s not absolutely the worst idea in the world to accompany you to these places…

The Waterfront Bar

"Please leave us alone".

“Please leave us alone”.

Recently renovated, the re-vamped Waterfront, for a student bar, actually seems fairly swish. You can take your date for a bite to eat somewhere with student friendly prices without getting subconsciously labeled as ‘stingy’ by the object of your affection. It’s definitely a step up from Nando’s.

Offering the sort of view over the city that would usually be only reserved for the penthouse apartments of city fat cats and oil rich Sheikhs, the Waterfront is definitely worth a visit.  Don’t just take my word for it though, this couple were so blissfully happy at the Waterfront that they weren’t even too fussed when I barged in on their drink and inexplicably got them to pose for a series of photos.

Guy’s Bar

"I'm terribly sorry, it is, in fact, so dark in here that I mistakenly thought you were my date!"

“I’m terribly sorry, it is, in fact, so dark in here that I mistakenly thought you were my date!”

Contrary to the misinformed belief of apparently one French international student, Guy’s Bar is open to both genders and ‘Girl’s Bar’ isn’t a thing. Another bar with affordable student prices, it’s situated, funnily enough, at Guy’s Campus in the shadow of the Shard. If, like mine, your face is profoundly hard to look at, help is at hand with the dim lighting of the bar shielding your date’s eyes from your ‘characterful’ features.

Even so, it’s probably best to steer clear of Guy’s Bar on a Wednesday as that’s when myriad sports teams descend on the bar. I reckon it’d probably be something of a mood killer if you had the rugby lads trying to get you to sink a pitcher of snakebite whilst you’re trying to amuse your date with witty anecdotes.

Somerset House

"Don't fall over don't fall over don't fall over don't fall over"

“Don’t fall over don’t fall over don’t fall over don’t fall over”

Tacked on to the Strand Campus, Somerset House is one hell of a venue for that initial date and there’s a great little cafe situated in one of the courtyard’s corners. However, unlike the other places on this list, it’s not student friendly on the price front (we’re talking six quid for a sandwich). Nevertheless, I’m sure your date will be impressed if you’re willing to take out the mortgage necessary to pay for their food.

Somerset House is a particularly potent venue for a date at this time of year as there’s an ice skating rink open too. A sure fire excuse for physical contact, you’ll cling together as you try to navigate the ice. The price you pay for this entry level intimacy is the constant risk that you’ll fall over, look like an idiot and sprain your ankle. There’s never anything romantic about the waiting room of Accident & Emergency.

Maughan Library


Spicing up that seminar work.

Filled with nooks and crannies, away from prying eyes, forge a rapport with your date amongst an absolute shitload of books through the medium of hushed voices. If the whispered conversation does lull, any awkward silence is justifiable as libraries are famously pretty quiet anyway.