In defence of Film Studies

It’s not all about Hollywood

Blair Waldorf was the real Queen B

Gossip Girl may have left our screens five years ago, but like all successful monarchs, the Queen lives on

Why would you ever watch Fifty Shades for Valentine’s Day?


If you’re doing Dry Jan, then your mates probably hate you

You’re not a saint because you’ve decided to be boring for 31 days

An open letter to Kent Union, you messed up

In wake of Zayn gate

The perils of living next to mardy locals

Dear number 60, I do not know how to unblock the drain

Drinking makes me miserable and fat: So why do I still do it?

It’s really not that good

You don’t need to be Irish to enjoy St. Patrick’s day

Let us join in the fun

Canterbury’s Thursday nights are seriously dirty

It ain’t just ’cause it’s cheap

Jimmie Franklin

Halloween is the worst night out of the year

Did you know that fake blood can burn your face?

Fraser Whieldon

Why I started the Park Wood path CCTV petition

It’s time to act and create a safe environment

Samuel Betz

Living an Arachnophobe’s Worst Nightmare

Kent student Alexander Cutler tells of the horrors of living with the most frightening (in his opinion) invasion in Britain since the Vikings

Alexander Cutler

The Blurred Lines of the Blurred Lines Debate

The argument that’s causing more damage to gender relations than the song

Alex Page

‘Blurred Lines’ is sh*t, but ban won’t make a difference

Steph Roberts knows ‘Blurred Lines’ has sh*t lines, but doubts a Kent Union ban will do anything

Steph Roberts

Don’t be #Thicke, ban it

Oscar Harding states why Kent Union would be thicke not to ban ‘Blurred Lines’

The one-night stand world and why people call me old-fashioned.

Alexander Cutler calls time on uni hook-up culture.

R.I.P. The Attic

The Attic is to be made into a media centre. What do you think?

Pass The Dutchie

Jaya Narang looks at the decriminalisation of drugs. Don’t get your hopes up…

Jaya Narang

Would you strip for money? : A Straight Guy’s View

Most straight guys would probably go to a strip club, but would any of them get naked for money?

Jack Simpson

Would you strip for money?: A Gay Guy’s View

Most gay guy could watch a guy on a pole, but would any of them get naked for money?

Chris Hudson-Wallis