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Kent Union Sports VP sacked over claims of gross misconduct

The details of his ‘gross misconduct’ have not yet been revealed

Fraser Inglis, Vice-President for Sports for the University of Kent Union, has been dismissed from the Union due to reports of “gross misconduct.”

Fraser, a former student at University of Kent who began the role last year, was one of five full-time paid officers who contributed to the administration of the student union at Kent University.

Following a comprehensive investigation, the Kent Union disciplinary panel have confirmed that Fraser will no longer perform his role and has been dismissed entirely from Kent Union.

In a statement released by President Ruth Wilkinson, she said: “We expect all of our full-time elected officers to uphold the highest standards of behaviour and will take action against anyone who falls below these standards.

“We will absolutely continue to support our 55 sports clubs and the 3,000+ students who are members of them.

"We are dedicated to ensuring that the work we do to support sport at Kent does not suffer as a result of Fraser’s departure.”

Kent Union have declined to release details following Inglis’ dismissal and have removed his profile from the Kent Union site.

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