These are the spookiest places in Canterbury to get you in the mood for Halloween

Get your freak on

Canterbury is a historic city with many dark secrets and mysteries which all seem totally plausible as you're walking in the ominous shadows of the cathedral, and the bells are ringing like they're trying to awake something from beyond.

So here's a selection of the spookiest spots in Canterbury to get you in the mood for Halloween.

Tyler's Kiln

Named Britain's most haunted pub, Tyler's Kiln is otherwise charming with everything to entice you from the cold as you trudge down the hill and into its grasp. With its rustic cabin aesthetic and cosy interior, you'd be forgiven to be totally at ease.

Bar manager Tony is certain that he hears the sound of footsteps in the middle of the night, after the pub has been locked and he is sure that he is alone…but is he? He has also reported saloon doors swinging to and fro and this has incidentally been captured on CCTV! Footage also shows chairs eerily sliding out to seat the ghostly visitor…

Tiny Tim's Tearoom

Tiny Tim's Tearoom already has a creepily infantile name for its quaint tearoom, far too quintessentially English to be called a café. Don't be fooled by its cosy allure of pretty windows, black beams that run across its low ceilings and crackling fireplaces because its walls have a very grizzly story to tell indeed.

During restoration works, workmen discovered what were found to be children's teeth and ringlets of hair accompanied by dates of birth and death within the walls! It has been reported that since this disturbance, staff and customers have reported the sound of children's feet scrambling up the creaky wooden staircase of the tearoom and even heard whispers! So make sure you pop in if you fancy a scream tea.

Canterbury Cathedral

The cathedral, Canterbury's defining virtue, is perhaps the site of the richest and most chilling history. It is not only where Thomas Beckett, who was the archbishop, was murdered but it is also the site where the ghost of another archbishop is said to have a presence; Simon Sudbury who was beheaded is thought to walk the cathedral, dressed in grey and haunting the bedroom in the tower where it is believed he tucks the occupant into bed at night – aww. Strangely, he still appears with his head on.

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However, the stories around the cathedral don't just stop there. Nell Cook, who was a servant of a canon (priest) belonging to the cathedral, discovered the details of his affair. Furious, she poisoned him and his mistress.

As punishment, Nell was buried alive beneath the 'dark entry' – a passageway into the Cathedral – where her spirit is still thought to linger.

So with all this in mind, make sure that the only ghostly apparition you see isn't just your reflection the morning after a big night!