How to make it a full 24 hours in Templeman

Brace yourselves, exams are coming

With exam period approaching, it is likely you’ve realised you did nothing over Easter and now must drop everything and move in to the library. Students are stressing, downing coffees, sleeping less and hoping for the best.

If you’re not that person, I salute you.

I definitely am. So I decided to stay at the library for a whole 24 hours to see how productive I could be.

Started our day at 10:00am

Since it was early enough, we managed to avoid the agg of not finding free seats. If you want to be this lucky, aim to get to the library before 10:30am.

Lean in 15

Of course, a good way to stay awake is drinking coffee, particularly espresso. However, since I don’t drink coffee, Red Bull and the lib caf’s caramel waffles were a necessity.

Glasses out

We put our nerd faces on, with the hope that it would give us inspiration to keep going. If you’re walking the walk, chances are you’ll be able to talk the talk?

At this point the sun had gone down and we were getting increasingly distracted by people moving around and talking. Plus, it’s amazing how fascinating the ceiling architecture becomes late at night…

In the case this happens to you, just change seats. If you mix up your library locations then it starts to feel like you’re starting afresh each time you sit down. Sit up straight, put on a fyah playlist and try to resist dancing in your chair.

Other techniques to help with concentration could be cleaning your study place, taking short breaks and setting study goals so that you don’t have a last minute breakdown. According to research, when you put aside a designated time to worry, you spend less time worrying and getting distracted.

If none of the above works, resort to the drinking of caffeine.

Make sure you get out of the library every now and then. It’s healthy to relax for a while by doing something enjoyable, like going to the gym. When you get back to work you’ll increase your productivity.

If going to the gym isn’t your cup of tea then there is always the chill room at Templeman West open 9am-9pm. We took the opportunity on this 24 hour stint to get some rest there in order to make it through the night.

I have to admit, the nicest thing about doing an all-nighter is viewing the sun rise. It makes you feel that you’ve accomplished something (even if you really haven’t). The worst part is that you look like you’ve just been cast for the Walking Dead.

Even though it was an interesting experience, I wouldn’t recommend staying in Templeman for a whole day. It’s way more productive to start studying early, finish around 8pm and then get some rest, in order for the brain to process what you’ve learnt. The only time that I could potentially do this again is to work on a deadline, where I’d have to power through the word count and make it to the finish line.

But until then…you shall refer to me by my full title, Queen of the Library