Sibson is the swaggiest place on campus

You’ll be mad that you aren’t a business student

Have you walked through Parkwood lately?

If so, you might have seen the colossal brand spanking new building that is Sibson. It’s the one that sort of makes our campus feel utopian.

It’s bright and airy, with sunlight pouring in through its many glass windows. There’s even an atrium. I don’t know what an atrium is, but I really, really like it.Sibson has a lovely seating area outside, just opposite the café – which sells sweet potato jackets. So if you’re ever on campus and want a more boujis study setting complete with delicious lunch options, then this is the place to go.

The cafe itself is set-up is very much like the Gulb, except the coffees and hot chocolates are much cheaper. I got an XL for £2, and it was only an extra 10p for cream. WINNER.

The chairs are very, very comfy, maybe a little too comfy… To the point you almost want to spend the day sat there relaxing with your sweet potato instead of studying.

There’s an ample amount of study spaces, collections of chairs where you can study as an individual or as a group. And get this, there’s also an ‘Aspire Lab’, the ultimate study space. It really is a thing of beauty.

Then behold the swanky loos, that make the new Templeman cubicles look rubbish. Sibson provides a delightful on-campus toilet experience. And the lighting is ideal for fleeky selfies…

Also, Sibson has a very conveniently placed bus-stop, right outside of it – perfect for the lazy among us that don’t want to brave the walk towards ParkWood.

Any chance I can swap to a Business degree?