How to draw “faux” lashes

It wasn’t what I’d expected

Draw-on eyelashes seem to be back on the radar. Beauty bloggers are posting tutorials of eyeliner lashes.

The pencil on technique is supposed to make it look like you’ve got naturally fuller lashes. According to Anita Bhagwandas, Stylist’s Beauty and Features writer: “It’s extreme, granted but done with a little finesse, lines drawn along your lower lashes can look utterly magical and wide-eyed”.

Not believing the hype but fed up of forking out for falsies, I followed tips from the beauty gurus and gave it a go.

BEFORE: Non-existing eye lashes

BEFORE: Non-existing eye lashes

I started by applying eye shadow both on top and bottom of my eye. I chose a dark shade of brown as it would look more natural with the bottom eyelashes, instead of creating a big contrast between light eye shadow and dark drawn – eyelashes.

Next, I applied eye liner as normal to the upper lid. A cat-eye is said to complement the drawn on lashes.


Nothing so far


Then came the time for me to draw them on. I drew a line with eye liner and then started drawing dashes underneath my eye, making sure the lashes towards the inside are smaller than the ones towards the outside of the eye.

At this stage, the lashes were still looking a little artificial. Apparently this can be avoided by caking on the mascara. So I applied three layers of mascara to my upper and lower lashes, mainly focusing on the upper ones.



After the mascara, it looked a little better. The result was a bit much, mainly because I hadn’t put any makeup on my face other than on my eyes.

Ready for a night out

Ready for a night out

After I applied makeup for a night out, I was very surprised with the outcome. You can see the difference and my eyes definitely look bolder. It matches with the overall look I was going for.

After a lot of try-outs I realised there are different styles of faux-lashes I could draw depending on the occasion.

4 styles