Blair Waldorf was the real Queen B

Gossip Girl may have left our screens five years ago, but like all successful monarchs, the Queen lives on

Beyonce is great, sure. But remember Blair Waldorf? Ultimate rich kid; fashion icon and everyone’s wanna be best friend.

She was an icon and a bossy ass bitch. On-screen she made girls cry, but off-screen she made us feel empowered and fabulous.

The Wardrobe

Blair’s wardrobe was to die for. I mean, she shopped for her school uniform at Barney’s. And lets not forget her dazzling array of hair bands. Long gone were the days of scrunchies and hair bands being purely for infants. If Queen B could rock a yellow alice-band then who was to say we all couldn’t?














And lets not forget the dress. Who wouldn’t want to run through the streets of Paris covered in red ruffles and pink shoes? Blair encompassed all things high class fashion and even had Vera Wang design her wedding dress. With spontaneous shopping trips to Paris, an endless supply of Louis Vuitton’s and a top designer Mum who even put her on the runway, why wouldn’t Blair Walfdorf be all your fashion goals?

The best mate

Move over Kendall and Gigi, the real power couple was and always will be Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen. Both equally as beautiful, stylish and powerful, who wouldn’t want to be involved in one of their girls weekends away to the Hamptons? Blair and Serena proved that no rich bachelor could ever come between friends… relatable. And even though they shared an ex or two, they both got their happy endings in the end, all the while proving that sometimes our real soul mate’s in life are our friends.

Her taste in men

She had her hiccups. (Dating Lonely Boy and entering into a sham marriage with the Prince of Monaco to name but a few). Blair made a few fatal mistakes in her past – but haven’t we all? In the end it was her relationship with Chuck Bass that really kept us all watching the show and believing in true love despite obvious mishaps like him getting shot, her sleeping with his uncle etc etc…

Name a more iconic couple…I’ll wait. From spending season one hating each other to their happy ever after in season six, Chuck and Blair had pretty much been through it all.  Time after time they would prove that if something was meant to be it will come back in the end. Name another guy who would fly to Paris just to buy his bae’s favourite macarons or charter a helicopter to Germany for ‘Fall stockings’. Chuck and Blair really were the Bey and Jay of the Upper East Side.

So with a man of every woman’s dream, high class fashion and a solid circle of friends- who wouldn’t want to be Blair Waldorf? Beyonce may have got the world to stop by dropping the twin bombshell, but Blair will always be the real Queen B to me.




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