We want you to write for The Tab Kent this term

We get fruity on Thursdays

The Tab Kent is looking for writers to join our growing team.

No journalism experience is required, and whether you study Engineering, Maths or Philosophy, as long as you want to write, we want you.

Whether it’s breaking news, investigative journalism, experience pieces, features, street styles, or there’s just something annoying you that you really want to get off your chest, you write what you want.

It doesn’t matter if you want to pursue journalism after university or not, Tab Kent is a great place to make friends, attend banging socials and get your work out there.

And if you are interested in pursuing a journalism career, The Tab Kent is the place to be. Through us you’ll have the option of writing for The Tab’s verticals including Babe, one of the biggest women’s websites on the Internet.

Plus, you’ll be working amongst student journalists who’ve broken exclusives, written viral pieces, and been quoted in The Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Independent and Buzzfeed, to name but a few.

Here’s what some of our writers had to say:

Jess Crabbe, Editor

“Joining the Tab has kept me entertained throughout my whole uni career. There’s always something to write about and always someone who will have something to say about it. If you’ve got an opinion, why not write it down and get hella Facebook shares?”

Sukh Sethi, Writer

“It’s just so much fun. You can confidently share all those crazy 3am ideas, no matter how ridiculous they are, because there’s a good chance they can become masterpiece articles open to thousands of readers.”

If you’re interested, message our Facebook page, or sign up here.

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