Kent students racked up over £70,000 of library fines in a year

46,940 fines were handed down

The Tab can exclusively reveal that, following a Freedom of Information request, students at Kent amassed £71,931.90 of library fines in the academic year of 2015/16.

The total number of library fines that were handed down to students in the same academic year was 46,940, and a total of 7,021 students incurred these fines.

However, around 10 per cent of this money was not paid to Kent, as a result of some fines being waived after an appeal process.

Additionally, some fines were never paid, regardless of an appeal becoming undertaken or not. The figures we are reporting are therefore only representative of the fines incurred on record.

Furthermore, £64,836.49 worth of library fines were incurred by 6,951 students during the 2014/15 academic year, and in the 2013/14 cycle, a whopping £91,208.88 was racked up by 7,639 students.