Let’s be honest, the best Prime Minister we ever had was Hugh Grant

I mean, he offers up ‘trained professionals’ to assist in the removal of mean ex-boyfriends

It’s December 2nd, which means it’s basically Christmas, which means it’s finally socially acceptable to watch Love Actually at least twice a week.

Last month was the U.S. election which, as we we all know, was a colossal fucking disaster. But despite the political mess encompassing both Britain and the USA, one man emerges through the storm of political travesty: Hugh Grant.


Where to begin? Firstly just look at him. It’s safe to say politics would certainly be more enjoyable if every politician looked like this spice. Tall, dark and handsome and most importantly not a sleaze. Hugh Grant, not only are you the man of our dreams but you are most certainly the prime minister of our dreams too.

The prime minister in Love Actually actually supports local primary schools. Not only did he attend a very, interesting adaption of the local nativity (involving lobsters and a kid dressed as spider man) he even made a guest appearance at the end of the performance. It’s safe to say there’s no chance of Theresa May appearing at the birth of Jesus – that is of course, unless she’s brings gifts of Brexit and inflation.


Hugh Grant as the Love Actually PM actually treats women equally (yes, Trump, that is possible). His two right hand associates in the movie are both women.

And let’s not forget the rather romantic side we see to him as he rushes from door to door on Christmas Eve, searching for his Natalie. This prime minster is not afraid to share his softer side with Wandsworth (even the dodgy end) and share a rather flat verse of a Christmas carol.

More importantly, he offers up ‘trained professionals’ to assist in the removal of mean ex-boyfriends and it’s safe to say there are many of us who would enjoy that political service!


But what I think really gives Hugh Grant’s PM role the edge over the likes of David Cameron, Theresa May and Gordon Brown, is his arse kicking speech directed at the ironically arse-like American President. Not only was he defending his secretary and one true love, he also gave British audiences and the public a reason to smile. Yes, we may be leaving the EU and have a struggling NHS system, but Hugh reminds us of why we should be proud of the country we live in. A place of Harry Potter, Shakespeare, The Beatles and even David Beckham’s right foot, isn’t all too bad.

His message to the fictional American president couldn’t be more relevant to our (scarily) non-fictional new president Trump. In the words of a living legend: “A friend who bullies us is no longer a friend, and since bullies only respond to strength, from now onward I will be prepared to be much stronger, and the President should be prepared for that.”


And finally, perhaps the most iconic Hugh Grant moment in existence: his victory dance. It’s a funny yet extremely motivating moment that truly captures our hearts. I know for a fact I’d love nothing more than to see Theresa May strut down the stairs of No. 10 shaking and lip-syncing to The Pointer Sisters. Hugh Grant gives us a PM who is fun and full of zest (and not to mention an equally impressive array of snake hips). The Prime Minister in Love Actually is certainly someone who doesn’t take themselves seriously.

This Christmas I will definitely be imagining a country run by Hugh Grant.

University of Kent