Kent tuition fees set to rise by £250 per year


Undergraduate students at Kent, who enrolled in September 2015 or later, will face a £250 rise in their tuition fees per year.

Following amendments to previous rules, universities are now allowed to charge fees that are higher than the initial cap of £9,000, which the government originally set for an undergraduate course.

In light of these new rules, Kent will be increasing the fees for a full-time undergraduate course from £9,000 to £9,250 per year, and the fees for a part-time undergraduate course from £4,500 to £4,625 per year.

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These changes will come into force at the beginning of the 2017/18 academic year. Those who enrolled on undergraduate courses prior to September 2015 will not be affected by the changes.

Jane Higham, the Director of Finance at Kent, stated that the £9,000 cap introduced in 2012 had not been maintained in line with inflation, meaning that the price did not reflect any increased costs the university itself would face in providing their services to students.

She said: “We feel that the increased fee represents excellent value and allows us to build on our existing reputation as a leading UK university.”

Rory Murray, the President of Kent Union, stated: “Kent’s decision is driven by the Government’s continued marketisation of higher education, which makes students consumers rather than partners in learning.

“We will not stop lobbying the University and the Government to ensure decisions are taken in the best interests of you, our members and of future generations of students at Kent.”