The VP of Education will be speaking live at 6pm about BHM blunder

He will be talking about the issues that have been faced with the NUS

Dave Cocozza, Vice president of Education at Kent Union is going live at 6pm to discuss the problems he has faced with the NUS, in particular regarding recent controversy around BHM at UKC.

The scandal that emerged from Kent Union in recent days reached epic proportions when the posters for Black History Month featured two non-black men.


Dave far right

This led to a hailstorm of ridicule directed at Kent Union as many asked how this gaffe actually came about.

Last night the Union held an open forum for students to hold the five elected Sabbatical officers to account for the decision they made.

Dave Cocozza in a video today, talked briefly about the struggle he has faced in recent days and how he and his fiance have received death threats.

He also states that he has been very silent in the wake of the debacle of the Black History Month posters which he seems to say is because this was what he was instructed to be.

At 6pm he will break his silence.