UKC VC spent a staggering £26,635 on flying first class last year

That’s more than three times the average bill of others in her position

Professor Dame Julia Goodfellow, Vice-chancellor of the University of Kent, has been criticised for spending a reported £26,635 on flights in 2014-2015.

In a report carried out by the University and college Union (UCU) it was revealed Dame Julia, who earns £272,000, had spent three times the average of other academics of a similar position.

The report states she spent 92 per cent of the flights in business and first class.


It was also revealed that she spent £258 per average a night on hotel stays which totalled to £5,674.

This was in stark comparison to the average hotel bill for a vice-chancellor of £2,990 for 2014/2015.

UCU further revealed that Professor Goodfellow lives in a University owned property worth £1.15m and a salary similar to other University heads.

The regional official of UCU Michael Moran said: “The time has finally come for a frank and open discussion about pay and transparency in higher education.

“The huge disparities in the levels of pay and pay rises at the top expose the arbitrary nature of senior pay in our universities.

“While some continue to enjoy inflation-busting pay hikes and all the trimmings of first class flights, staff pay continues to be held down.

“It is deeply worrying that ministers are considering relaxing the one measure we have to hold universities to account when they should be forcing far greater scrutiny of how public money and student fees are spent.”

UCU said that in 2014/2015 the vice-chancellor received a three percent increase to her salary bringing it up to £272,000.

In comparison to Canterbury Christ Church University head Professor Rama Thirunamachandran whose salary was cut by ten percent leaving her with £241,000.