We asked people at London Fashion Week to describe their aesthetic

‘I guess my style aesthetic is free spirited’


London Fashion Week is a hugely intimidating place. It’s full of dressed up people prancing around begging to be photographed, by anyone that will have them. So, we wondered the streets of Piccadilly asking these fashionistas to “describe their aesthetic.”

Alaqyane Blair, from Nottingham

All black everything

All black everything

“I’m a fashion design student at Central Saint Martins. It’s a difficult one, but I’d describe my style aesthetic as, hmm… genderless.”

Alaqyane doesn’t have Instagram or Twitter, so god knows what he gets up to on his days off when he’s not wearing all black everything. He also wins the prize for best adjective.

Obsure Rebellion, from London

Fashion label or 90s pop band?

Fashion label or 90s pop band

Obscure Rebellion does what it says on the tin, both obscure and, uh, rebellious. That is if you can call fabric pool sliders rebellious.  The designer (second from right) said: “we aim to create clothing that goes beyond the realms of superficiality and creates a platform where people are empowered and free to explore their true self.”

Paris Tsang, Photography student from London 

Floral is the new black

Floral is the new black

“Today I’m wearing Moschino and Vivienne Westwood, and today I’d describe my style aesthetic as floral. Here’s my card.”

Paris has over 5,000 Instagram followers and writes about himself in the third person.

Pip Jolley, Blogger and Tara Scott, Designer 

Like, totally retro

Like, totally retro

Pip: “I’m Pip, spelt P-I-P, Jolley and this is Tara. I’m actually wearing a blouse from Tara’s own label, Tara Starlet.”

Tara: ” I would describe Tara Starlet’s style aesthetic as retro; we make clothes for intelligent and beautiful women.”

Remario Chevoy, model and dance teacher from Nottingham 


“I’ve been to London Fashion Week many times, I’m a bit of a veteran. Today, I’m wearing pants from Charlotte McDonald, a jumper from WAY, and Doc Martins. I’m not a fan of spending large sums of money, and charity shops are like my goldmine, so I guess I’d describe my style aesthetic as vintage.”