Why does everyone at John Moores hate being at John Moores?

A survey confirmed it

We voted ourselves as one of the worst unis for student satisfaction.

Whatuni have run a survey which allowed us to rate their own uni across 10 categories – accommodation, city life, clubs and societies, courses and lecturers, job prospects, student union, facilities, support services and an overall rating.

The table ranked 125 universities based on 25,000 student reveiws on the website whatuni.com. John Moores managed to rank a shockingly low 93rd, which raises the question, why does everyone at JMU hate being here?

With £1 Jagerbombs in Levels and Concert Square constantly buzzing with students attempting to have a good time, our city life is no different to that of Liverpool, who came 41st, so that can only mean that the problem is with the uni itself.


With us all paying £9,000 a year, it doesn’t seem fair that students at other universities are so much happier than us.

Edge Hill university was a bit of a dark horse, ranking 16 out of 125. Even Hope uni managed to place two steps higher than JMU, so we are officially the least satisfied university in Liverpool.