Pornhub’s lesbian category is most the most viewed by women

They have data from what women around the world want from porn

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Pornhub have researched and analysed data from their own website to compile a map of what porn women like in different parts of the world.

The company have claimed that in honour of the month which holds international women’s day, they wanted to find out what women want from porn.


They released a statement that said: “Pornhub statisticians are offering a unique look at the way that members of the fairer sex get turned on with everyone’s favourite porn site. By segmenting by gender within our analytic tools, we were able to generate anonymized data that brings us one step closer to answering the time old question: what do women want?”

Women’s most popular category across the map was lesbian with gay (male) following close at second place. Pornhub have said  gay categories tend to rank higher with the opposite sex to that which they were intended for.


The United Kingdom is Pornhub’s second highest contry for traffic, but apparently women’s preferences vary throughout the country. According to Pornhub: “Women in Scotland like the softer touch of “female friendly” videos and Northern Ireland likes “MILF” more than the rest of the UK. In Wales women like 18+ “teen” porn, and in England “ebony” is viewed more often. ”

They also looked into what women are most likely to search for in their porn. They have found that “lesbian” is the most used search for women, as opposed to “teen” for men. “Eating pussy” is over 900 per cent more likely to be searched by a woman than a man, as are terms like “pussy licking,” “tribbing,” “lesbian scissoring” and “ebony lesbians” which on average are over 600 per cent more searched for by female viewers.