Every annoying snapchat story that you will see this Easter

Please send me more pictures of your roast dinner

Snapchat is a hub for some of the best and most horrifyingly dull videos that you will ever see, here’s a few of the most annoying that are bound to show up this Easter.

The pet video


He is pretty cute to be fair

You have that one friend that just can’t help but post an endless stream of videos of their pet doing close to nothing. 90% of the time the caption will be along the lines of: “He’s soooo cute omg miss him” riveting stuff, it really is.

The home friends night out


In a desperate attempt to show that they know people outside of uni, people will snap hourly updates of their tense game of ring of fire, or their big night out to the Weatherspoons down the road from their house.

A picture of a pint of Koppaberg

Just incase you didn’t already know what it looks like, here’s a picture of a bottle of koppaberg next to a pint glass filled with ice. You are welcome.

The classic roast dinner

You will no doubt be in undated with dozens of pictures of equally horrific looking roast dinners. They will appear no more appetising than the pouch of food that you just put down for your cat, but will no doubt be accompanied by the caption “my mums deffo the next Nigella.”

Easter weekend with ‘this one’

Need I say any more?

Really tacky looking Easter eggs


Most likely bought by ‘this one.’ Because there is nothing more interesting to look at than circular chocolate.

A video of younger siblings/cousins

No, please do not send me several videos of your baby brother counting to 10. It wasn’t cute an hour ago and it isn’t cute now, I’d honestly be more entertained by doing the coursework that I’ve been avoiding.

A couple of £5 notes with the caption ‘paper Easter eggs’

I get it because my nan makes that joke too… Every year.